Other than writing, VISIONESSAYS.com also provides a plethora of different other services. These include services like research, proofreading and editing in both academic and professional fields. Our writing team is capable of producing assignments of academic and professional standards. The various levels that we provide services for include PhDs, Masters or Graduate, University or College (Senior, Junior, sophomore, freshman), High school and Secondary School. A client can thus be served for projects such as resumes, admission essays/ letters, book reports, article critiques, book/ movie reviews, theses, dissertations, term and research papers, and essays. Apart from these, we tackle orders that involve power point presentations, intermediate accounting, business school projects, accounting and calculations. Other professional writing services that are offered by VISIONESSAYS.com are grant proposals, professional reviews, website content development, and publications.

Essays and Research Papers
A majority of students who have very little time consider having a professional researcher/ writer always available to them, and who helps them with their essays, is very useful and convenient. Having a professional writer who gathers evidence for one’s research assignment saves millions of students a lot of time. Whether it is a complicated custom thesis or just a simple essay, VISIONESSAYS.com is the best solution for your need. We guarantee our clients that our original research papers will save both their money and time.

Dissertations and Proposals
The requirements for proposal writing are common knowledge to all degree students. A student first conducts research on a particular topic while developing a correct and formidable proposal. The proposal has to be completed within the set time frame. After research has been completed, the information is then arranged to form a congruent document. For dissertations and proposals in any field of study, there are experienced professionals who have previously written and researched theories for numerous students. In every field of a selected topic, there are expert writers who can be assigned to work. The outcome is a paper that is excellently presented and furnished with references that are appropriately styled as per the format requested by the client. We pride ourselves in helping our clients to excellence and success.
A dissertation should have the following structure:
– The dissertation’s details in summary, contained in the abstract section
– The dissertation’s general idea, contained in the introduction section
– Evaluation of a source/ text that is related to the issue under consideration
– The research methods, and the reasons for such techniques
– Results presentations
– An argument about the results (should be well detailed)

Editing and Proofreading
All educational work has to be evaluated and possible corrections made upon completion. The writer of the work is connected to the work since they have invested a lot of energy and time in working on the same, and it is thus not prudent for the original writer to edit and review the work by themselves. Such makes it difficult to reach unbiased and keen evaluations. It is consequently vital to have a colleague or friend to perform the review instead. However, such colleagues and friends may be busy with the3ir own endeavors so that they cannot assist with the much important review process. It is important, therefore, to get a qualified professional who is simply waiting for your work to begin the review, editing, correction of mistakes such as in grammar, and/ or recommend revisions where such is necessary as in presentations, phrasing and structure in order to enhance the final quality of the work.

Resumes and CVs
For a job-seeker, an impressive CV or resume is of paramount importance. During a job interview, in a small company or a multinational enterprise, resumes and CVs often form the first impression of the potential employee. Most of the decisions of the interviewer are influenced by their first impression. The remaining details are simply a formality.
Clients are assisted through various services offered by VISIONESSAYS.com in their maiden moments of interviews. We offer help in the major aspects of a job search by providing professionally drawn up CVs and resumes that talk up the clients’ strengths. In addition, at VISIONESSAYS.com, we can guide our customers through their career paths.