A thesis paper, also known as a dissertation, is a paper that is handed in to support one’s candidature when seeking and academic degree or professional qualification. The dissertation/ thesis’ structure, through its various chapters, gives away the project findings, the methods applied there-in, and the purpose of the paper.

  • The introduction section introduces the topic of dissertation or thesis, and an explanation as to why the student chose the particular topic for research and study.
  • The Literature Review section of the dissertation or thesis paper highlights the various literature materials that have been used, and underlines how each informed the development of the dissertation/ thesis paper.
  • The chapter of Methodology, of the dissertation or thesis paper provides insight into the design used for the paper and the reasons why the applied methods of research were preferred.
  • The dissertation’s/ thesis paper’s findings chapter is used to outline the results of the research.
  • The thesis paper’s chapter of Analysis and Discussion analyses the results and deliberates upon them as per the literature that is used. This chapter can always be split into two, that is, analysis and discussions, separately.
  • There is a final conclusion chapter of the thesis paper that summarizes the entire paper and findings thereof.

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